Lack of political will responsible for collapse of library system – Expert


Chairman, Library Association of Nigeria, Kano State Chapter, Professor Mannir Abdullahi Kanba, has blamed the dismal collapse of library system in schools on the lack of political will by leaders in the country. 

Speaking to newsmen shortly after the conclusion of activities marking the celebration of the library week in Kano, Kanba wondered why the system was allowed to fritter away at the expense of the academic interest of students willing to use libraries as the platform to be properly groomed.

According to him, the collapse of the system has badly affected the flair of students willing to acquire  considerable knowledge in various academic fields, adding that the system was a victim of sabotage on the part of those who were supposed to have demonstrated the political will to make the nation’s academic system formidable.

He, however, stated that a lot of water has passed under the bridge as far as according priority to other sectors in the education field was concerned at the expense of where the library system was supposed  to have been accorded such a priority.

He pointed out that in public school libraries’ shelves have become virtually empty bereft of the academic documents for students to study, while in the private schools books were only made available to students for sales

Citing the example for what was always given to the library system in every budgetary allocation to buttress his point, Kanba said the percentage that was supposed to be given to the sector could be discerned where it was going to, on reason best known to those saddled with the task of making the system vibrant.

He said, “Our nation’s library system was in shambles for quite a long time. and those in respective positions of authority were not willing to act and clear the rot. our students were only abandoned to their fate, reading culture in schools have faded away, a regrettable phenomenon that has turned the hands of the clock backward”.

“Our schools’ libraries have turned into safe havens for reptiles and other dangerous creatures. I see the collapse of the system as bad omen to the quest for making the entire educational system  promising and robust. There is the compelling need for government at all levels to buckle up in saving the situation.

“It is the responsibility of government at all levels to revive the system that was moribund for quite a long time. It is high time  government acted and addressed the challenge squarely, with reading culture being promoted and remarkably enhanced. Our students can pick from where they remained absolutely backward.” 

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