Popular Nigerian Pastor Reveals How Sammie Okposo’s Wife Found Him Before Sudden Death



Lead Pastor of the LOGIC Church, Flourish Peters, has narrated how the wife of the 51-year-old gospel musician, Sammie Okposo who passed away on Friday, November 26, found him asleep on a chair on the day he died.

According to Pastor Flourish Peters, the singer did not slump and die, but rather had slept in glory during his last moments on earth.

In his own words, he said: “On Friday, I received a troubling call around 4.45 am – a call I wish I never received. But it is what it is. It was Ozy Okposo (Sammie Okposo’s wife’s name) on the other side of the phone saying ‘Sammie, wake up in Jesus’ name’.

“So, contrary to what blogs reported, he did not slump and die. He sat on the chair watching TV, before sleeping. But never went back upstairs to sleep. From his sleep, he slept into glory.


“I went there and saw the body. I conducted CPR and hit him hard. But nobody sees Jesus and looks away. It becomes challenging when a believer crosses over to the other side.

It is deeply painful for me. I feel hurt,” Peters said shortly before his sermon on Sunday.

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