It Was Worth It – Nigerian Law Student Shares Condition Of Eyes After Studying 13 hours Daily For Bar Exams

A Nigerian law student based in the U.S. has taken to ‘X’ formerly Twitter to disclose how he made sacrifices to study and pass his bar exams.

@Mrpossidez sparked a wave of inspiration for many while emphasizing the sacrifice and reward of hard work.

The young Nigerian who finished with a first-class in his undergraduate studies in Nigeria before pursuing a career in the U.S. hinted at his struggle to achieve his goals.

Mr Possible revealed that during his bar exams, he studied for an average of 13 hours a day which resulted in complications with his eyes.

Sharing a photo of his swollen eyes, he wrote;“Hellish, but worth it. Passed the New York Bar exams—easily the toughest law exam I’ve written.

Passed my corporate finance exams. Became a finance lawyer at a Wall Street firm in New York.

Moved to NY. Boys are becoming men”.

”Those were my eyes in July 19. A few days to the bar exam.

Was averaging 13 hours studying every day. It sure takes it toll.”

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