“Money wey no fit buy fuel”-Shizzi knocks Dammy Krane over alleged debt claims against Davido

Oluseyi Akerele, a.k.a. Shizzi, a Nigerian music producer, has attacked Dammy Krane for supposedly making debt allegations against Davido.

Remember that Shizzi, who produced the song “Izzue,” became embroiled in the conflict when a fan on X asked him what he thought of the fight between artists Davido and Dammy Krane?

Recently, Shizzi called Davido a “Owe B Owe boy” in response to a tweet from Dammy Krane.

Dammy Krane was asked by the music producer if he received payment for the well-known song.

To publish the dated receipts, he dared him. He added that even though he wasn’t compensated, he didn’t show up clouting and wailing for assistance.

Shizzi added that Dammy Krane knows nothing about the music business as he doesn’t understand agreements and splits.

Shizzi wrote: “Lol obo boy? you wish! Did you pay me for the acclaimed song? If you did pls post dated receipt!! Did i come here clouting and crying for help? No!!! Because I’m good on dis side lil nig*a and in this life you have to understand the business and play your cards right!

“You clearly have no idea of the music business! & I’m sure even all the songs you claim you wrote you didn’t do any agreements or splits! You clearly played yourself fool! How much money is 1.5m streams in YouTube? Money wey no fit buy fuel 2 Better level up!”