David Hundeyin Recounts ‘Worst Date Experience’ With Ghanaian Actress He Met On Tinder

Nigerian-born investigative writer David Hundeyin has shared his worst date with a Ghanaian actress.

He stated that because their first date at Citrus Lounge in East Legon went well, he set them up for a second one following their Tinder match in 2021.

David Hundeyin claims that he became enraged with the Ghanaian actress’s behavior when he took her to a popular lounge in East Legon.

He claimed that the actress was accompanied by a cousin who placed the most costly seafood order and consumed it all.

He went on to say that although he paid for the meal and pretended everything was OK, he blocked the actress’ contact information when he got home that day.

 “Matched with this Ghanaian actress on Tinder back in 2021 and had a nice first date. Second date I took her to Citrus Lounge, East Legon.

“Madam showed up with her FAT cousin who proceeded to order the priciest seafood on the menu and STUFF her face, talking throughout. Paid and pretended to enjoy the outing. Blocked contact after I got home.”