How God delivered me from ‘stupidity’ – Ifu Ennada recounts

Ifu Ennada, a former housemate on Big Brother Naija, talks about how she was delivered from a one-sided relationship in the past.

The reality personality reminisced about her long-distance relationship with a partner who resided on a foreign continent four years ago in an Instagram story post.

She frequently ordered gifts and had them delivered to her ex-partner to lift his spirits during his difficult times as a method to demonstrate her value in the relationship.

“Men Speak Of Cheating As Though It's Their Birthright Forgetting Women Can Out cheat Them”- BBN Ifu Ennada writes

She was disappointed because she never experienced this kind of attention, not even on her birthdays. She thanked him and acknowledged that she had to come to terms with the “stupidity” she had committed to.

 “Randomly thinking of the time I dated this man who lived on another continent and whenever he was feeling really down, right here from Nigeria, I’d order gifts and have them delivered to him just to cheer him up.

I never got this same treatment, not even on my birthday.

This was about 4yrs ago. I thank God for delivering me from stupidity,” she wrote.

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