“I’m Not Your Dad” – Hilda Baci Painfully Opens Up, Reveals How She Was Disowned by Her Biological Father

Hilda Effiong Bassey, also known as Hilda Baci, a popular Nigerian celebrity chef, went into depth about her strained relationship with her father, Effiong Bassey Edem.

In a recent interview on the Tea with Tay podcast, the Guinness World Record holder disclosed that her only grievance against her father was his sudden absence. She added that he had been a constant presence in her and her siblings’ lives since they were children.

However, things changed when a huge argument between him and her mother had an impact on the children.

What truly cut deep for her was her father’s abrupt abandonment, particularly when both she and her elder brother were on the brink of completing their university studies. She couldn’t wrap her head around why he withdrew his support for their education, especially after having funded their academic journey through nursery, secondary school, and the early years of their tertiary education.

Hilda vividly remembered a heart-wrenching moment she rang up her father to talk about her school expenses. To her astonishment, he picked up the call and basically played the “I’m not your dad” card, essentially disowning her over the phone.

Initially, she held hope that the discord between her mother and father would eventually fade away, leading to a reconciliation and her father’s return. Regrettably, that reconciliation never materialized.

Hilda went on to share that her father’s abandonment served as a catalyst for her to achieve a remarkable feat. She said she spearheaded the Guinness World Record cook-a-thon, not only as a personal accomplishment but also as a way to make her father regret his actions.

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