Ecofitness redefines wellness, leisure with launch of Abuja hub

Ecofitness Hub, an expanding wellness and leisure brand, is redefining the fitness and lifestyle landscape in Nigeria with the launch of its state-of-the-art facility, in Abuja, which is equipped with cutting-edge eco-friendly fitness equipment, a therapeutic spa lounge, delightful restaurant options, energizing café experiences, and thrilling karaoke pods.

The launch, which was held on the 28th of October 2023, represents a bold step towards enhancing the well-being of individuals while offering an unparalleled leisure experience. It has as its mission the promotion of a holistic approach to wellness and leisure, through a diverse range of services.

Speaking at the launch, the CEO of Ecofitness Hub, Lanre Akinmusire, expressed his conviction that the brand will revolutionize the wellness and leisure industry in Nigeria. He emphasized that Ecofitness Hub is not merely a fitness center but rather a comprehensive eco-friendly destination where individuals can experience the synergy of a healthy lifestyle.

He further identified three key trends that are driving the desire for fitness and healthy living. Firstly, People are recognizing the importance of holistic wellness, and seeking comprehensive solutions for physical, mental, and emotional health. Secondly, urbanization is driving demand for fitness facilities in Nigerian cities which has opened a space for stress management through fitness and relaxation to become a priority. Thirdly, digital health tools like fitness apps and wearables are gaining popularity and social media’s influence is inspiring fitness engagement and community building.