pcl. and Nigeria South Africa Chamber of Commerce collaborate to reassess the current state of tourism in Nigeria

pcl., in partnership with the Nigerian South African Chamber of Commerce (NSACC), hosted the Annual Breakfast Forum with the theme Rethinking Tourism in Nigeria on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

The event took place at the Eko Hotels & Suites in Victoria Island.

Distinguished thought leaders and experts from different sectors gathered to deliberate on reimagining the future of tourism in Nigeria. The event’s stage hosted an array of impressive speakers, each offering a wealth of insights and innovative solutions to revive the country’s tourism industry.

Ikechi Uko, the founder of Akwaaba African Travel Market, delivered the keynote speech. He discussed the significance of domestic tourism and highlighted the crucial role of culture and festivals in promoting tourism.

He emphasised the immense potential of Meetings, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) in attracting inbound tourism.

Moreover, he recognised the impact of movies, music, and sports on the industry’s growth. He also called for better engagement and support from the government to drive growth.

The Panel discussions were focused on critical themes

1) Reassessing the current state of tourism in Nigeria.

The panellists discussed the tourism industry in detail, highlighting its potential and challenges. Aniekan Essienette, Marketing and Communications Manager at Ibom Air outlined the need for improved connectivity in Nigeria’s airports to make domestic and regional tourism more accessible.

She also highlighted the importance of promoting Nigeria’s cultural diversity and tourist attractions. Tosan Duncan Odukoya, COO and group Head of Strategy & Business Development, at Bi Courtney Aviation Services, outlined the importance of streamlining travel processes and making air travel accessible to a broader demographic. Her vision included simplifying the journey and enhancing the experience with technology.

2) Identifying the critical drivers igniting growth in the industry.

The speakers emphasised the importance of a comprehensive approach to tourism, which involves promoting tourism within the country and hosting international events that attract visitors. Dr Uyi Oduwa Malaka, Edo state’s Commissioner of Art, Culture, and Tourism, stressed the significance of “green tourism”.

She strongly advocated for sustainable environmental stewardship within the tourism industry. She emphasised the crucial role of eco-tourism in preserving the environment for present and future generations. Policies and investments are required to promote green tourism, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and prevent deforestation.

Paul Onwuanibe, CEO of The Landmark Africa Group, emphasised the significance of security, standards, and excellence. He stated that implementing robust security measures is crucial to the sector’s growth. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of a sustained commitment to excellence and a focus on enhancing the customer experience, which will build trust for domestic and international travellers.

3) Innovations and new perspectives for the tourism industry.

Banky Ojulayo and Dayo Ayoade from Gbedu Labs shared their thoughts on innovations for the sector, highlighting how technology and music can redefine tourism in Nigeria.

They stressed the importance of understanding the preferences of the Nigerian youth to attract them to the country’s tourist destination. They identified music and entertainment as powerful tools to engage the younger generation.

In his closing remarks, the Managing Director pcl. Rob Taiwo expressed that pcl. is dedicated to solving big societal problems.

  • “We are committed to collaborating with public and private sector stakeholders who share our vision of utilizing tourism to drive social, economic, and cultural change in Nigeria.
  • Organizing this disruptive event was our first step in strengthening our commitment to the industry.”

The Annual Breakfast Forum underscored the need to leverage technology, music, lifestyle, and government support to revitalize the tourism sector in Nigeria.

As we embark on this transformative journey, the collaboration between pcl. and NSACC continues to be a driving force for positive change.

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