Nigerians in UK drum support for Uzodimma

A group of Nigerians under the umbrella name, Diaspora Nigeria, based in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe, have advised the electorate in Imo state to shun voter apathy and massively turn out to exercise their franchise during the gubernatorial election holding this Saturday.

In a press statement in Abuja, Thursday, the leader of the group, Mr Yunana Shibkau,  described Saturday’s election as a critical watershed in the economic and development trajectory of Imo state upon which, “Imo people must collectively and resolutely decide to chart a way towards attaining greater economic, social and political heights.”

The group also called for the election of sitting Governor Hope Uzodimma as the best choice to guarantee the sustenance of the tempo in the growth and advancement of the emerging unprecedented milestones in the social and economic landscape of Imo state.

Shibkau said Diaspora Nigeria as a group decided to support the re-election of the incumbent governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma, because, after a very painstaking and objective scrutiny of the 16 candidates in the race, “we discovered that he is simply the best of the lot in terms of track record and capacity to deliver.”

The group extolled Governor Uzodimma for the several transformational projects which he has executed and those that are ongoing “which cumulatively have the capacity to fundamentally transform not only the social and economic facets of Imo state but also the entire South-east geopolitical zone and the country as a whole.”

According to Mr Shibkau, Governor Uzodinma deserves the good will and support of all patriotic Nigerians, particularly those in the South-east, for the “visionary and groundbreaking decision” to embark on the construction of a seaport in Imo state, adding that, it is “an unacceptable paradox” that there had not been, before the advent of Uzodinma, a sea port in the whole of the South-east which he remarked, “would have catalysed the genius, entrepreneurial spirit, productivity, progress and prosperity of the Igbo nation, a uniquely industrious and enterprising people.”