NLNG not to blame for soaring cooking gas prices – Official

The Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) has washed its hands off the soaring price of cooking gas in the country, blaming conspiring forces for the situation on ground.

It points fingers at usual culprits of forces of supply and demand, including the volatile naira as well as pervading global markets conditions.

The NLNG dismisses these media reports as speculative and indicative of a fundamental misunderstanding of Nigeria’s intricate market dynamics.

According to Andy Odeh, General Manager, External Relations and Sustainable Development, the NLNG has been making defining contributions to the domestic LPG market, spurring the steady growth of the nation’s DLPG market volume from less than 50,000 metric tonnes of imported LPG in 2007 to over 1.3 million metric tons of both domestic and imported LPG today. Odeh, said NLNG currently delivers over 450,000 metric tonnes per annum of Butane, the main product in cooking gas and has embarked on domestic propane supply to further grow the market.

The Company, he continued, has committed its entire Butane and Propane production to the domestic market from 2023 and despite feed gas challenges, continues to supply LPG to the domestic market, accounting for approximately 40% of the total market volume. Since the beginning of the year, NLNG has delivered over 380,000 metric tonnes of LPG using the Company’s dedicated LPG vessel.

He said the NLNG has remained committed to delivering domestic LPG to locations as close to the market as possible by diversifying delivery points starting with Lagos in 2023, fostering competition among terminal owners and ultimately reducing consumer supply chain costs. Efforts are ongoing to reach terminals in Warri and Calabar as soon as the challenges limiting safe delivery of volumes to these other locations are cleared.