I receive songs from God in my sleep – Gospel artist

A gospel artist, Mrs Joy Eleojo Olutayo, has revealed her songs are spiritual as she receives inspiration and songs from God while sleeping.

In an exclusive chat with Blueprint in Abuja, at the backdrop of the celebration of her golden jubilee and album launch, Olutayo said that her songs give hope to Nigerians in the midst of economic woes, insecurity and other travails.

She said: “It is the grace of God that I write songs. Sometimes, I just sleep and sing out, especially the title of my album, “We Are the Light”. I didn’t write it. It was given to me in a dream. I woke up and started writing. I forgot some lines, but after prayer, God returned them. That was how this album came about.

“I am a child of God. I love worshipping. I started singing right from when I was small, at a young age. People will tell me in the choir that my song blessed them. From there, I was inspired to continue in the choir. I’ve been in the choir all my life. God started giving me songs and I started writing them.

“The title of this song shows that light has nothing to do with darkness. God is trying to tell us that even in the midst of darkness, that as children of God, we are children of light. We are in the world now, a world of chaos. 

“So, we are to stand out even in the midst of this chaos to show that light of God that is in us. That is what the song is all about. I believe God is trying to pass a message to us.”

She added: “This is a scriptural song. This particular album has 12 tracks. The light of God never fails. It is a prophesy. It is a word of God and the word of God never ages. It doesn’t end. This is a song that gives people hope that even in the midst of economic woes, trials and temptations, don’t give up. 

“Don’t say that it is over. No, it is not over. There is a way. God is telling us to look up to Him for that way. He is the way, the truth and the life.

“He’s the one that gives direction. When we follow that direction, things will happen because he owns the answer.  By the grace of God, I have the support of my husband. Before we got married, he knew I was in this ministry. It is a matter of heart. In fact, it was while I was ministering that he proposed to me and we got married. 

“Even my son was following me to the studio, so I have the support of my family. In the coming years, expect to see so many albums. I have so many songs lined up and I will enter studio very soon. Immediately after this, I will go to the studio to produce other songs.”