Kcee Limpopo Goes Viral as Video of Him Without His Usual Filter Goes Viral

A recent video of Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, popularly known as Kcee, the legendary ‘Limpopo’ hitmaker, has gone viral, not because of his music, but because of his raw appearance. The video, which showed Kcee grooming his hair, revealed his natural skin, which had acne, hyperpigmentation, and dark patches.

This discovery sparked a major reaction among netizens, owing mostly to Kcee’s perfect complexion in manipulated social media images.

The contrast between Kcee’s raw face and his usual polished social media image sparked a flood of responses. Some netizens said that he seemed older than his age, while others accused him of whitening his complexion.

The disparity in his real and online images has become a hot topic, igniting a debate over the authenticity of social media representations.

However, amidst the criticism, there were voices that defended Kcee, pointing out that the public has grown so accustomed to edited images that the reality of natural skin has become unrecognizable.

As of now, Kcee has not publicly responded or reacted to these comments and observations about his appearance in the video.

See video and some comments below:

callme_tessy wrote: Guy went from 59 to 29 real quick

bibi_whyte wrote: I can’t even believe it was him.

funny_kings001 wrote: But he use to be bald headed na…

ysabel_avril wrote: Kcee wey don almost reach 50years, person wey senior money

chiddynwa wrote: He looks okay to me…I know Kcee isn’t a small boy na

tonycret7 wrote: Too much bleaching cream no good

olaitanadewuyi_official wrote: Thank God for filters. People just Dey cast anyhow.

jasmine_precious wrote: Abeg nobody has it all, yall should rest shuu..

madona_simeon wrote: Bleaching wan kpai Kcee

blessed_juditt wrote: hmmm. some people just want all celebrities to be all perfect. celebrities are humans too o. make una chill.

official_stifin_gerald wrote: I don’t think this is Kcee o

yes_iam_vicki weote: That y I dnt like people making video or pictures of me because they will end up posting the ones u are ugly in. What stops u from editing or using filter, if it were to be you will u post yourself like this If m kcee I will get him arrested

jhoyce_o wrote: So what? He’s growing older na? It’s a natural thing.