FG Reveals Why President Tinubu Didn’t Speak At COP28 Summit As Scheduled

FG has revealed why President Tinubu didn’t speak at the COP28 summit as scheduled.


PoliticalNews Nigeria reports that the Federal Government has said President Bola Tinubu did not speak at the COP 28 Climate Change Summit in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as planned because it was unnecessary.

This Nigeria news platform understands that President Tinubu was billed to speak at the Summit on Friday alongside other heads of state but did not, which raised questions about the country’s position at the conference.


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Speaking with Premium Times on the summit’s sidelines over the weekend, the Minister of Foreign Affairs,Yusuf Tuggar, said Nigeria is tired of fancy statements and is now more action-oriented.


Tuggar stated that it is not about just giving fancy speeches but actions.


He said: “Nigeria is 100 per cent for action. The speeches, to be honest, as good as they may be, are mostly a repeat of pledges or promises, and Nigeria is saying enough is enough; it’s time for action.”


Tuggar said the government wanted a change of attitude towards the conference, away from colourful speeches which are repeated every year with very little progress made.


He added: “The president was in the hall, he waited, he was going to give the speech, he listened, and he decided, perhaps, that was not the time to give the speech. There were other engagements that he needed to be involved in that would be more productive.


Tuggar said Nigeria is taking the lead in the behind-the-scenes negotiations to ensure that developed countries responsible for most of the emissions causing global warming compensate developing nations in terms of loss and damage.


The minister also noted that the ongoing climate change conversations tally with Nigeria’s 4D foreign approach, including migration and development.

Speaking on the loss and damage fund operationalised on the first day of the conference and applauded by many Nigerians, the minister said Nigeria was suited to benefit from the fund.