Apply For Hope For Nigeria Palliative Disbursement 2023

Apply For Hope For Nigeria Palliative Disbursement 2023 below.


PoliticalNews Nigeria reports that the President of Nigeria, President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has initiated the Hope For Nigeria program, To lift up Nigerian out of poverty and also to create more jobs for unemployed youth across the 36 state of the country. Are you look for support from Federal Government? If yes, Apply Hope For Nigeria program. Apply Here.


Hope For Nigeria (HFN) Partners with Federal Government (FG), Assures Poorest Nigerians, Others Of Palliatives. Hope For The Needy and Skill Empowerment Foundation will commence sensitization, account creation and distribution of Access Closa Agents in all communities in Nigeria from December 4, 2023, to ensure that no person is left out of fuel subsidy removal benefits especially the poorest and vulnerable Nigerians.


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The Hope For Nigeria is a Civil Society Organization (CSO), charged with the responsibility to partner with government in sensitizing, educate and guide Nigerians in the process involved in Account Creation, and distribution of Access Closa Agents in all communities in Nigeria.


“Hope For Nigeria, over the past few months, channeled its resources and activities towards nation-building and poverty alleviation in the country. The process has been tedious and they as CSO have done the utmost to assist the Federal Government of Nigeria to ensure the effect of the fuel subsidy removal is minimal, while Nigerians enjoy the dividends of a working government under the leadership of his excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


The organization has engaged stakeholders and partners to ensure the poor masses benefit from the various initiatives put forward by the Federal Government. “The aim is the ensure that “No one is left behind” in receiving the benefits that are due to the people, especially the poorest and vulnerable Nigerians.


The process is to change the culture where what is meant for the people is diverted to just a few has begun with the Hope for Nigeria working closely with laid down policies by the Federal Government to identify those who are deserving of the palliatives, sensitize and educate them on how to use the funds once payment is received and setting up money agent centers around Nigeria through the Access Bank PLC Closa Agents in all communities in Nigeria.


“It is no longer news that Nigerians have begun to receive alerts from the Federal Government and they want to assure Nigerians that the process has come to stay. The renewed hope being promised by the President is indeed a move in the right direction.


They want to also use this medium to correct the notion that HOPE FOR NIGERIA is in charge of data collation for the Federal Government. The process of data collation is the duty of the National Social Safety-Net Coordination Office (NASSCO), they have an advanced and accurate structure that has been put in place over the years.

“Their involvement was a proposed partnership, to ensure as a Civil Society Organization, “No one is left behind”, and to ensure that we can learn and be guided on the process involved. Therefore, it would not be possible for our organization to provide or collate data on behalf of the Federal Government.


Their Organization’s activities continue to be in line with the laws and policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria. “The sensitization of Nigerians, Account creation, and distribution of Access Closa Agents in all communities in Nigeria would commence from the 4th of December, 2023. They would appreciate maximum support from Governmental Agencies, Traditional Rulers, and the General Public”, he announced.