Tinubu fails to speak at COP28 despite travelling with 1,411 delegates to Dubai

Despite travelelling with 1,411 delegates for COP28 meetings in Dubai, emerging details have shown that President Bola Tinubu skipped his speaking slot at the global climate change event.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Tuggar, said President Tinubu missed his speaking slot due to several other engagements during the ongoing event.

In a further attempt to justify Tinubu’s failure to speak during his allotted time, Tuggar said: “Nigeria is tired of official and fancy statements and is now more action-oriented”.

“Nigeria is 100 percent for action,” the minister declared as controversy continues to trail Nigeria’s large delegation to the climate change conference.

He continued: “The speeches, to be honest as good as they may be, are mostly a repeat of pledges or promises and Nigeria is saying enough is enough, it’s time for action,” he added.

“The president was in the hall, he waited, he was going to give the speech, he listened and he decided, perhaps, that was not the time to give the speech. There were other engagements that he needed to be involved in that would be more productive,” the minister added.

President Tinubu was billed to speak at the World Climate Action Summit on Friday alongside other heads of state, but failed to do so.