“I am where I am today because of luck”- Tony Elumelu writes on the constituents for success


  • Tony Elumelu has taken to Twitter to share the ingredients for success

Nigerian billionaire cum philanthropist Tony Elumelu has rolled out advise on the rudiements to success

The businessman wrote that luck is largely responsible for his success

However, he said that luck cannot take the place of hard work.

He wrote that to get lucky, one must put in the work and have passion.

He wrote: “I am where I am today because of luck. Let me be clear: Luck is important, but it is not a substitute for hard work or labour. Luck is a part of the cocktail that you need for success”

He continued:*

“There are two ingredients for luck -hard work and passion. The more work you put into something and the more passion you apply, the “luckier” you will find yourself. You have to work hard, and be passionate and committed about what you do, to be successful and make your own luck.

“Hardwork and passion are within your power and control, and you should apply them to earn your own luck and to help us foster a better and more prosperous world.”

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