Food Vendor Confesses Using Bath Water To Cook For Customers



A yet-to-be-identified food vendor who resides in Ogun has confessed to a fetish practice that has increased her sales.

The food vendor made the confession on a Wazobia FM program in which she called in.

According to the vendor, she has engaged in this fetish practice for two years on the instruction of a native doctor in Edo state.

She said all the dishes she sells daily are cooked with the same water, she washes her body with.


She added that the native doctor gave her the instruction after she approached him for help to increase her sales.

Revealing her business has been booming for the last two years since she paid the native doctor two hundred thousand Naira, after he instructed her to start cooking with water from her body.

“When I was selling food two years ago, my sales record was very good. Do you know what i was doing?” She queried the presenters as she revealed that ”at the time, I was operating in Mowe, Ogun state”


I would use the water I washed my body with to cook for my customers. Business was so good, such that they kept patronizing me. It was a native doctor from Edo state, who I met through my friend, that gave me this instruction.

“I practiced this fetish activity for several years, during which many people ate my food,” she added.

When asked if she’s still into the pratice, the food vendor said even though she doesn’t like it, her life has since experienced a significant turnaround. Hence, she’s still cooking with her bathing water.”


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