Guard your money, passports abroad, Lai warns Nigerians


c lai mohammed new

The Minister of Information and Culture, Mr Lai Mohammed, has condemned the alleged theft of Nigerian tourists and shoppers’ passports and money in the United States of America and different parts of Europe, particularly the United Kingdom.

He spoke on Monday during his presentation at the fifth edition of the “PMB Administration Scorecard 2015-2023 Series, held at Radio House in Abuja.

Lai said, “It has come to the attention of the government that Nigerian travellers to the United States and some countries in Europe are having their belongings, especially money and passports, stolen at an increasingly high rate.

“The most recent victims of this are travellers to the UK, most of whom were dispossessed of their belongings at high brow shops, particularly in the high street of Oxford.

“We have therefore decided to advise Nigerians travelling to Europe and the United States to take extra precaution to avoid being dispossessed of their belongings.â€

The minister, however, noted that his advice was not a regular travel advisory, adding that travel advisories were the prerogative of Nigerian embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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