Aurora Tech is awarding female social impact entrepreneurs


The Aurora Tech Awards is given annually to female founders of technology startups whose projects have had the greatest impact on global development. It was created to remind people that women account for half of our civilization’s creative intellectual potential. They have become the driving force behind development in many technological fields and have done a great deal of good in the world.

Women in technology are frequently advised that a career in technology is not for them, but in spite of this, innovative medical solutions are being developed by women in IT. These women are methodically creating successful businesses and dominating the world market.

About Aurora Tech: Any female founder or co-founder of a company created within the last five years can be nominated and is eligible to compete. The nominee’s company’s main product must be based on information technology.

The nominee must be in a C-level position at the time the application is submitted.

The winner of the award ideally is an independent, compassionate person who transcends stereotypes, and does fascinating and important work in the field of advanced technologies that have improved the lives of a large number of people.

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Nomination presentation: The nomination presentation includes the following:

  • The candidate’s main accomplishments
  • A brief bio describing any difficulties the candidate encountered while working on their startup and the professional qualities that helped her overcome these difficulties.
  • The startup’s achievements
  • A detailed description of the company, its accomplishments, and how the startup contributes to making the world a better place.
  • The motivation for the nomination
  • A detailed explanation of how the award will impact the applicant’s life, the company’s life, or a specific community.

The above-mentioned information should be included in the presentations. Ensure that the file is in PDF format and is no larger than 30 megabytes.

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Apply here

The deadline is December 2, 2022



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