“People are ganging up against me to badmouth my new movie”- Toyin Abraham laments


Toyin Abraham, a Nollywood actress, opened up about the conspiracy to bring her down.

The mother of one claimed that her support for Bola Ahmed Tinubu is costing her a lot because many people are attempting to knock her down.

Toyin Abraham, who recently released her film Ijakumo the Born Again Stripper on Netflix, revealed that multiple Whatsapp groups have been formed to criticize her film.

She questioned when choosing her preferred candidate became an illegal act.

“You all went to create a Whatsapp group cos of Ijakumo the born-again stripper, pls continue maybe it’s today. I will kuku break the table. You all will tell the world why choosing my candidate is a crime and yours isn’t. Loni yi mo mura yin wa”.

In another tweet, Toyin Abraham made it known that the WhatsApp group was aimed at badmouthing her movie.

“Yes, their political Whatsapp group and plan to come and bad mouth my work cos of my choice. Today na today they will know that everyone, has a devil inside him or her”.

“Now I’m dining with kings…”- Toyin Abraham attends inauguration dinner invitation amidst backlash from fans

Actress Toyin Abraham is now “dining with kings” after receiving many and severe criticism on social media for openly and enthusiastically supporting the new president, Bola Tinubu, whose inauguration is taking place today, May 29, 2023.

Toyin Abraham was praised by some of her supporters for sticking with her choice of presidential candidate after sharing pictures from her breathtaking look at the inauguration dinner that was held Sunday night in Abuja.

One of them, Rachel Dayo wrote “When our parents do say a wonderful prayer to us telling us we will dine and wine with the king, this is what it means, asiwaju baby, congratulations” and Toyin Abraham responded with an emoji of appreciation.

ANother fan wrote “Let all haters be quiet, you deserve the honor and respect today cos you have been bullied and threatened, its now your time to enjoy the labour of your seed”

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